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Welcome to Bolsover Lettings, Bolsover District Councils Choice Based Lettings System which allocates properties to applicants on the waiting list.  Bolsover Lettings allows anyone with an active application on the housing waiting list, to search, select and apply for a new home of their choice across Bolsover and its Sub Regional partners (within the usual eligibility criteria).

You must then tell us which properties you are interested in. This process is known as bidding. You may only bid for a property if your application has been accepted onto our housing register.  Don't worry about the word 'bid' this does not involve money it just means you are telling us that you are interested in a particular property and want to be considered for it.

Our website is packed with useful information to help you find you a suitable home. You can use this website to:

How does the system work?

Applicants will be awarded points which reflect their housing need and placed into 1 of 4 bands. To register applicants must complete a housing application form (Click here to download a copy).  For all applicants living in rented accommodation (excluding Bolsover District Council tenants) a landlord reference must be completed as part of the application process.  Failure to have the landlord reference completed will result in your application for rehousing not being considered (click here to download a copy).

Properties will be advertised for applicants to bid on from Thursdays at 00:01am and the bidding will end on the following Tuesday at 11:59pm. No properties will be advertised on a Wednesday. Applicants will be able to bid on up to 3 properties per week for which they are eligible for.

Properties will be advertised with a preferred band which is listed on the advert. Any applicant who is eligible can bid on the property regardless of their band however preference will be given to the advertised band.

For further information about how our Choice Based Lettings system works please click here to download our Choice Based Lettings Information leaflet.


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